Dealership Reviews At Commerce Hyundai

  • Name : Omika J
    Long Beach CA

    Good customer service is hard to come by...I called late in the evening hoping for a next day appointment to repair my front & back breaks that begain to whistle just that morning. I was also, due for an oil change. I had to work the following day but I'm so glad Cesar Maldonado was there to assist all my hyundai needs. I dropped my car off everything that was said and done was as expected, no surprises. He was attentive and helpful and gave amazing service. Thanks to Cesar and Juan for making my first time experience comfortable and welcoming, I will be back and I will refer your services. Great job guys!!!

  • Name : Wendy D
    Canyon Country CA

    Went in to buy tires with and received excellent service and a great price. Tim O'Neil service manager was awesome, along with his entire staff. Great service team.

  • Name : James N
    Whittier CA

    Back in 2011, the wife and I were shopping for a pair of new Elantras. We went to one dealer off the 605 and were less than satisfied with that experience. High pressure and only one that we wanted in stock. By chance, we happened to stop at Commerce Hyundai and were we ever impressed! Not only did they have the cars we wanted in stock, but the sales process was as easy and pressure free as you could get. And the service department has been A-1 topnotch ever after. They have never failed to be courteous, timely, and efficient. Bottom line, when our Elantras wear out, we know where we're going to be shopping for our next cars. These guys are what the auto sales industry should aspire to be.

  • Name : Brandon M
    Riverside CA

    Truly a wonderful experience. Jake the sales manager was open and honest about everything. My credit score is not the best and he worked with me to help me find a great deal. I'm a diesel mechanic at a dealership in LA so I understand the process of purchasing a vehicle. I can say, without a doubt, these people are great. The whole staff was helpful and knowledgeable about the product. They were never pushy or aggressive when it came time to discuss payments. In fact they were very polite and as I previously stated, they helped work around what I could afford and gave me a deal I didn't think was even possible. Great staff, great experience, great deal. Customer for life.

  • Name : Nora A
    Los Angeles CA

    I went into Commerce Hyundai after looking at the new Santa Fe but going online to True Car and Edmonds they were referring me to dealerships farther away I decided to stop at Commerce Hyundai to see what they had to offer and if there was a possibility of sale I would like to keep my $$$ local because I believe In supporting local businesses! I am a previous owner of a Hyundai purchased new in 2003 and it is still in excellent condition and was very happy with my Santa Fe then! The car was very good to me just basic wear and tear stuff! But overall the car was great! So when I went in I had confidence that I was buying a great car! Because of the great staff at Commerce Hyundai Jake & Jason and the GM (forgot his name) I am a proud owner of a 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport! The sale was simple, easy and fast and they met my needs with an awesome deal! I took snacks thinking I was gonna stay there all night but I didn't even have to dig into my snacks! If u want a great car with a great warranty buy a Hyundai and get it from Commerce Hyundai!

  • Name : Yvette V
    Whittier CA

    Decided to trade in my Hyundai Accent for an Elantra. Commerce Hyundai was able to get me the car and price that I wanted. Excellent customer​ service!!!!!!! Russell and Arnold made me a happy camper. I can't wait to start driving my new car. I totally recommend this place!!!

  • Name : Yvette
    Commerce CA

    The sales manager Russell was able to get me everything that i wanted in the car. I am in love with my car!!!!!

  • Name : Alysson Rae
    Commerce CA

    Accommodating and flexible. I couldn't make it on the original scheduled day, but the salesman Gerry was willing to meet with me the next day.

  • Name : Oscar M
    Alhambra CA

    Came here for my first car purchase and the staff was fantastic. It was a very quick and easy process and they explained everything clearly throughout thw whole process. Alex Banuelos and Russel De La Torre were great to us, we really felt comfortable and welcomed. They were even nice enough to buy us lunch and offered carwashes. This is a great dealership and I highly reccomend coming to Commerce Hyundai!

  • Name : Tiffany U
    Pasadena CA

    Came in for my 30,000 mile tune-up & Tim greeted me upon arrival. He took the time to look at the panels on my Santa Fe that I had some questions about. Tim was very mindful of my time constraint and did his best to have my car ready. If you are looking to purchase a car or need service, Hyundai Commerce is highly recommended.

  • Name : Eric

    Cesar helped me immensely. I went in to get some recalls on my car checked out and an oil change. Then I had to take my girlfriend's car in later that day and Cesar again was able to me out a ton. Thanks, Cesar!

  • Name : Jackie M
    Whittier CA

    Commerce Hyundai you did it again.!!! I took my Santa Fe for it's first oil change and your service was exceptional from the minute I set foot. Julio greeted me and answered some questions for me and guided me to service dept. Once there I was assisted by Cesar providing the best customer service experience. I told them I would like to be shuttled to the Citadel while my car was serviced and within minutes Oscar was waiting for me. He too was very friendly. When I returned to pick up my car I stopped and said hello to Jake the gentleman that sold us the Santa Fe! I told him we were very pleased with our purchase. Thanks for this wonderful experience I commend you on your outstanding service!

  • Name : Alexis A
    La Habra

    My friend Justin who just got a job here referred me to Commerce Hyundai, he knew that I needed a car but there was a couple things that were interfering. Justin called me one afternoon and put Jake Weber on the phone and Jake told me to come in and get a car. I didn't think it was going to be possible to drive away in a nice car. Jake the Sales Manager made it possible, my dad and I went the dealership on a Saturday not thinking we were going to drive away in a new car and we did Jake took great care of us!! My dad and I have still cannot believe the deal we got! I absolutely love the car its awesome! I will definitely refer my friends to Jake to buy their cars as well. If he made it possible for my dad and I, he can make it possible for you as well! Good job Jake and best of luck to Commerce Hyundai! - Thank you, Alexis Artes.

  • Name : Vivian S
    Venice CA

    This is my first time here ~ needed a tire fixed. This dealership is very welcoming ~ I'm not here to buy a car but they treated me like I was ~ I appreciate that. I actually looked at the latest model and will come back here to purchase next car, even if it is 25 miles out of my way. Tim and Cesar, with their Service Department were AMAZING, provided me with fast service!! They went so far as to wash my car! Great service is the best way to get me to come back when I want my new car

  • Name : Miguel
    Los Angeles CA

    Jake Weber the sales manager took care of me and my family. He was able to get me the best fair possible deal. I left knowing that I was not taken advantage of. He was patient when helping my wife select the correct car. He went over all of the features in the car.

  • Name : Angel J
    Los Angeles CA

    I decided to go to Commerce Hyundai after I had dreadful experience with the Hyundai dealer off the 405 fwy and Wilmington (never go their they are the worst). I had been to Commerce Hyundai several times to have my sonata serviced. I never had any issues getting an appointment and even accommodated me when I had no appointment. My wife and I met with Jake Weber the sales manager who ended up helping us get the Genesis Sedan. We initially did not think that we would be able to afford the car but we were able to get the deal done. Even after the deal was done, he when through every detail of the car and helped us set everything up. I have purchased server vehicles in the past and non as great as the experience that I had with Jake and the commerce team. I will definitely be back to service my car and get the my next car here again. I did not need to shop around as I know I got the best deal here.

  • Name : Paola G
    Los Angeles CA

    the first time I visited this dealer I came home w a brand new car & they promised me a full tank for my next return & im pleased to say that when Hyundai promises something they do it. Im glad I have a full gas tank now and appreciate their service & recommend people to visit this Hyundai & ask for Alex Bañuelos (finance manager) & Russell De La Torre (sales).

  • Name : Ernst P
    Montebello CA

    Well, where do I start. I know .."Jake...Jake from State Farm. Ha ha,...humor through out the whole day. Let me start off by mentioning the fact. I started off my car shopping on 2/15/15 at Honda World in Downey , I have purchased 2 cars there in the past, you would think I would have some pull..nope. I wanted to take advantage of the Presidents Days Sales. I went over there mid day, a sales rep rushed me , I said I don't want to put anything down plus trade in my 2 year old Hyundai and I wanted my payments to be relatively the same as I have now. The Honda rep got my info and in less than 20 minutes gave one, only one offer "4-5000 down, that's it, no deals, nothing, of course not ...they were flooded with people, so intern I was a nobody. That night I looked at Hyundai's website and said wow the Elantra looks way better than the Honda Civic, automatically , I started a chat session and found myself at the dealership the next day. Even before I got there I was given Jake the sales rep's personal cell, I told him what I wanted to do. Right off the back he made me feel like I was coming home in a new car, he mentioned that since I purchased a car from them last year that I already had customer loyalty incentives,....Honda didn't give me that. Jake and the finance department, worked for hours, till they got me to what I wanted, I did put money down, but only 500, not 5000. Not at one time throughout the entire few hours that I was there did Jake ever make me feel any less of a customer, he had mentioned of course a big down payment would help, but they were going to do everything they could especially because I had purchased a car from them last year. Oh I almost forgot, darn the knowledge that came out of Jake about the in's and outs of the Elantra, heck you would think he personally built it himself, thanks Jake and the staff at Hyundai Commerce....oh wait I forgot to mention, my payments are somewhat what I had wanted, very very low down payment, and a brand new Elantra. I never give 5 stars, but they deserve it

  • Name : Reggie M
    Los Angeles CA

    My entire car purchasing experience was a journey of professionalism. My sales expert, Jake Weber was knowledgeable and the consummate professional. At no point in the sales process did he give any impression other than my complete satisfaction being the goal. The finance Manager Alex Banuelos was also friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I feel like the Sales Manager, Mr. Arnold Gonsaves went the extra mile to close my car deal to my satisfaction and financial ability. I have and will continue to refer my friends and family to the Commerce Hyundai Dealer. Because I myself sold cars for over 15 years, my family and friends have relied upon my personal knowledge and experience when buying cars. I know they will appreciate a no hassle,no pressure and no gimmick car buying experience. I also met the Service Manager Tim O'Neil who was personable and knowledgeable. Tim reassured me the service department would do all in it's power to keep my new Genesis running smooth and looking good.

  • Name : Arlene D
    Norwalk CA

    My first experience at Commerce Hyundai exceeded all my expectations. Jake Weber is very knowledgeable and he went above and beyond which made my car buying experience that much more pleasant. Alex the Finance Manager was extremely courteous and informative. From start to finish my car buying experience was absolutely seamless. I had been to several dealerships prior to landing at Commerce Hyundai and I must say, their customer service is A+. Highly recommend.

  • Name : Jennifer G
    Brea CA

    This dealership is excellent! They are all very helpful and will answer all your questions. I had the pleasure of dealing with the president, Ray Malhotra, and he was so knowledgable and kind . These people don't take advantage of anyone, they are honest and fair! I highly recommend them.

  • Name : Orin P
    North Hollywood CA

    I bought my Veloster 2012 it was later in the evening. Man lots of paper work I think that was the only bad part about buying a new ride. My sales man ( william Martinez ) was on top of his game. Anwsered all my questions that I had. I as well had a fun time learing new things about the car that I didnt know. Even my finance guy was cool tall guy named ( Andy ). I have taken it back for service oil changes and they have done a great job, plus they give you a car wash each service. Nice touch I like that. Everyone has good or bad services like with any customer service things can go wrong. I have had good service and pleasant people that helped me along the way. I live in a different city now. But would go back if in the area for my services. And would buy another car from this dealrship as well. If I had to nit pick at something for the 5 star rating. In the mornings or through out the day. I would suggest they have muffins ( costco ) hint hint. When I go in they always ask if I am here to buy another car funny right? I like how they do remember me so thats cool. That goes along way with me. Anyone can right a review I am not knocking others but check them out for yourself. Then you can say no or yes and have your own 2 cents. Wow my ride is almost 2 yrs old now, still loving the ride.

  • Name : Bonnie V
    Santa Fe Springs CA

    I have had horrible car buying experiences at different dealerships & was not looking forward to my most resent one. My fiancé did the back and forth with Tom and told him what we wanted. Tom said he can make that deal & all I needed to do was cone in & sign. I didn't believe him because I've been lied to in the past. But I walked in, test drove the car & signed the paperwork. Tom was right! He gave us the deal he promised us & there was not toying with us once we were there. From the time I drove in till the time I left, was a total of an hour and a half to an hour and forty minutes. This was the BEST car by experience ever. We my fiancé was surprise on how fast and easy it was. I would totally recommend this dealership. And everyone was friendly. :)

  • Name : Kclyn C
    Glendale CA

    Fast service! I didn't even wait 30 minutes for an oil change. Everyone was very friendly as well.

  • Name : Monica R
    South Gate CA

    I had been looking for a car for 6 months and had connected with Tom over the internet. It took time to actually get out to the location and when I did I had a wonderful experience. I am very thankful for the time and attention given to my dad and I today. Everyone there was absolutely wonderful in their attention to detail and professionalism. My father and I had a very satisfying experience and felt completely heard for all my needs. He now wants to purchase a Hyundai for my mom :) I was well respected and treated with patience by the Owner, Finance Manager and especially Tom. You and your team are truly superb! I am so happy with my new Sonata and look forward to continued recommendation to your location. Happy customer here!!

  • Name : Arty J
    Anaheim CA

    The best car buying experience I have ever had! The process was quick, like i didn't spend hours in the process. Everything was explained clearly and completely.

  • Name : Erik C
    Santa Ana CA

    I recently purchased my car from Commerce Hyundai on 3/24/2013. Before choosing this dealership, I had visited several other Hyundai dealerships in Orange County and Los Angeles County. Commerce Hyundai by far was my best experience. I had originally made contact with Tom from fleet who was courteous, professional, and patient with me. He quoted me on a car I was interested in and I took that number to shop around at other Hyundai dealerships who were either rude, pushy, or extremely unprofessional (reference FLOOR MANAGER at Puente Hills Hyundai who serviced my mother and I in a half way unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt, a wife beater underneath, AND sunglasses on INDOORS). In the end, I winded up coming back to Tom and Commerce Hyundai with a number lower than what Tom had originally quoted me and guess what, without any haggle or hassle, Tom beat that number! At that point, it was a no-brainer who I would be buying my car from. Arnold, their sales manager who helped us with the finance paper work to expedite our purchase, was also a genuine and sincere guy. Commerce Hyundai might not be the biggest dealership, but the quality of their treatment of my mother and I is unrivaled compared to the bigger dealerships who care more about selling you a car rather than finding the right car for you. I highly recommend visiting this dealership if you are shopping for a car!

  • Name : James M
    N Hollywood CA

    I called for service and was fit in quickly. They even dropped me off at the Citadel for lunch and shopping while I waited for the repairs to be completed. I only give it four stars because it is so darn far for me and the traffic on the 101 just sucks!

  • Name : Victoria B
    Los Angeles CA

    VERY PLEASANT EASY CAR BUYING EXPERIENCE! I recently purchased a 2013 Elantra from this dealership. I have to say that it was the best car buying experience. I went to MANY different dealerships for the past month trying to decide what to buy and where. I finally decided on Hyundai in Commerce strictly based on the way I was treated by TY! I was treated with respect and he was friendly, knowledgable, and straight to the point. He made the whole experience easy and I felt very comfortable with all aspects of this purchase. I also worked with Alex in the finance dept and he is GREAT! Friendly, informative, and made sure I understood everything. I actually brought my brother in law with me to make sure I understood everything that I was signing and was going on but after working with Alex and Ty I don't think I even needed my brother in law there. Alex and Ty went over every little detail and explained everything on my level. They REALLY worked with my trade in and credit. I cannot thank them enough! If you are thinking about buying a car - GO SEE TY and ALEX and Hyundai Commerce!!!

  • Name : Raquel D
    Montebello CA

    I recently purchased a 2013 Hyundai Elantra Coupe. Purchasing my car here was the best experience I had at a dealership. When I walked in I was treated with such hospitality. After finding the car that I wanted I sat down with the Finance Manager Alex. He was great. He was very friendly, patient and answered all the questions I had. I will recommend this dealership to anyone who is interested in purchasing/ leasing a vehicle. Ask for Alex! :)

  • Name : Maria A
    Washington DC

    I'm currently driving my first car-- a 2012 Hyundai elantra that I bought from Carmax. I've done several different maintenance things to it, but had never before brought it to the dealer. I decided to go, since I suspected there was a problem with my transmission. I brought it, and they informed me that the 30k mile major maintenance package was overdue (they basically check EVERYTHING, replace all fluids, diagnose stuff, etc) It's worth it to pay the high price (nearly $500) since they do a quite complete service, in my opinion. It keeps your warranty current as well. So I brought my car, checked it in. I also told them my concerns regarding acceleration/breaking/switching gears, etc. They called me the next day to inform me that it was indeed a problem with my transmission, which they were going to replace free of charge, since it was under warranty. (5 years/100k miles! woot!) The day that I had to pick it up, they went out of their way and sent a driver to pick me up, even though I was about 6 miles outside their usual range. They washed the interior and exterior, and knocked down the price of the maintenance considerably since the transmission was faulty. I was sooooo pleased with the service I received here. It's nice to know I can trust on this dealer to be honest and accommodating. I will definitely bring my car when the next maintenance is due.

  • Name : Charles S
    Redlands CA

    I drove to Commerce from Redlands- a long drive in heavy traffic. I wasn't disappointed. Ty, the sales manager, treated me great. He kept his word. I was given a price via the internet 2 weeks prior to my visit, and Ty honored the quote. Commerce Hyundai gave me a fair trade allowance, and I love the 2007 Lincoln MKX I purchased. I could have bought a car much closer to home- but the drive was worth while. Ty made me feel very welcome. I'll be back to Commerce Hyundai when I'm in the market for my next car.

  • Name : Todd M
    La Crescenta-Montrose CA

    I've purchased several new cars before, but I've NEVER had the process be as painless as it was at Commerce Hyundai. I wanted an Elantra with a certain package and color at a price that my nearby Hyundai dealer said was "a steal". I thought I had negotiated the deal with Keyes Hyundai but they backed out twice. I sent an email to Commerce with my offer and they met it without negotiating. We spent less than one hour signing paperwork, etc and were out of the dealer with a new car in less than 1.5 hours. The car they gave me even had a few extras that they didn't charge me for that were on the sticker as extra (mats, iPod cable, net, etc.) I loved dealing with Arnold in the finance dept.; no salesman, only Arnold. I will sing the praises of Commerce Hyundai

  • Name : George Howard
    Los Angeles CA

    I used to get my cars serviced at a dealership that closed in the Norwalk/Cerritos area. Since I live in Los Angeles and worked in Norwalk and Santa Ana, I decided to try Commerce Hyundai as it is right off the 5, so I pass it going to work and coming back home. I have now been going there for 3 years and have nothing but good things to say about them. Tim wasn't the Service Manager when I first started going there, but he has been a welcome replacement from the prior one. He is always friendly, honest and knows his "stuff" when it comes to cars. In addition Javier, the Parts Manager has been very good at helping me with parts and accessories for both of my cars. I own a 2009 3.3L V6 Limited Sonata and a 2010 3.8 Genesis Coupe Track. In addition the mechanics are very good and know their stuff. I've put several modifications on both cars but they still work on both of them and make sure they are in top running condition. They were open on Saturdays when I first started going and then they stopped, but I'm glad they are open on Saturdays again for those of us who can't bring our vehicles in during the week. Kudos to Commerce Hyundai; take your car there, you won't be disappointed!

  • Name : Sandra G
    Alhambra CA

    I just purchased a 2012 Sonata from Ty at Commerce Hyundai. This was the first time in my life I bought a new car on my own. I knew what I wanted going in, so there was no need to "sell me" on the car. Ty treated me (and my little girl) with respect, answered all my questions promptly and within a couple of hours I drove my new car home! The paperwork , credit check, etc., was very straight forward.. Ty even programmed my cell phone into the car so I could use bluetooth (something I knew nothing about.)

  • Name : Tanya P
    Los Angeles CA

    I was in the market for a new car and just browsing through car dealerships. The excellent reviews brought me to this particular dealership. I don't always trust the reviews on here, but these were spot on. I wasn't too keen on any of the Hyundai models, but I'd heard good things about them. I called and made an appointment with Ty. He made the whole car buying experience which can be a pain, a walk in the park. He was very professional and helpful, not once did I feel the icky car buying pressure. I am now a proud owner of a 2011 Hyundai Sonata. I love my new baby! She looks great and runs awesome! I've had her for 5 months and so far so good! Thank you Ty and Commerce Hyundai for helping me find my baby!

  • Name : Robert T
    Los Angeles California

    Just leased a 2012 Hyundai Elantra Limited through sales consultant Yolanda Gomez and Arnold. First, I was worried when I was going in because I was getting to the dealership about an hour and a half before they closed....and I knew I planned on possibly getting a car so I wasnt sure how they would treat me so late in the day BUT I was very pleased with them! Yolanda was great......very nice and friendly and as helpful as she could be....she made the experience very pleasant.....I got a very reasonable price as well so that made me happy.....they did not try to sell me added unneeded things which was hassle no craziness...I was only in there for a few hours it went VERY quick...overall I really enjoyed my experience which is weird considering most people hate buying or leasing a car because of the whole process and paperwork......but they really made it painless for me....I love my car.....and am looking forward to learning all the functions....I have been to a few of the Hyundai locations in LA....and this one was the best.....was the best looking location and the cars are easy to look at and see (some of the other locations the cars are all jammed up and or not out in the open).......I really recommend this place and this s a totally truthful review....

  • Name : Pris L
    Los Angeles CA

    I had a bad experience at Glendora, so I hesitantly tried out Commerce Hyundai. I worked with Ty and Arnold there and had an amazing experience. Although I came at short notice, they were very accommodating, straight up, kind, honest, and know how to do good ethical business. Everything was very transparent and I didn't feel like I had to figure out what they were trying to play like I had to in Glendora Hyundai

  • Name : Marife
    Southern California

    I strongly recommend purchasing your next vehicle from Commerce Hyundai. I have owned a lot of cars in my life and purchased a number of them from dealers. Prior to purchasing my new Sonata from Commerce, I had gone to a number of Dealers; Honda, Toyota, Ford, etc. I also went to CarMax. I had a horrible experience at CarMax and almost gave up my quest to find an honest dealer who genuinely cared about servicing the customer. I found that Dealer in Commerce Hyundai. They actually listened to me. They showed me vehicles that met the criteria that I was looking for. They were so easy to deal with; there was no dealer “gimmicks” or “tricks”, just two gentlemen that were amazing to deal with! One of the gentlemen was Ty, the Sales Manager. Ty was so wonderful and great to work with. This purchase was the easiest one that I have ever made because of Ty. You can tell that he cares, actively listens to the client and hears what they are looking for. There was no absurd haggling that goes on at other dealers.

  • Name : Terry D
    Southern CA

    My wife & I just purchased a 2011 Santa Fe Se from Commerce Hyundai. This was by far the easiest car purchase I ever made. We were given a really good price on a loaded Santa Fe (navigation/backup camera) & a decent price for our trade in. (We were about to purchase a Highlander from Power Toyota in Cerritos but they insulted us with the amount they were going to give us for our 2006 Hyundai Sonata LX, their big loss). Ty the Sales Manager got us through the paperwork really quickly. I cannot tolerate waiting around & we never experienced that here. My hats off to Ty & Raymond (the owner). We highly recommend Commerce Hyundai to purchase your next car. -

  • Name : kl310
    Commerce CA

    We bought our first white Genesis about 6 months ago last year. I had shopped around at 3 other dealers, but I got the fastest response and best service here. Not only was the service impressive on the 1st deal, about 7 months later, my bmw was breaking down so I went back to purchase our 2nd Genesis sedan. I had a great experience at this dealership and have dealt with Arnold and Ty ( Make sure to ask for one of these two guys ). I don't know about the other people here, I just trust these two since they are 2 for 2 in my book. After the car was sold, a dmv issue came up ( not their fault, someone at DMV got my name wrong ). I called them up and even after the sale - They still did a quick follow up to correct the problem. If you're in the market for a car, this place is great - I didn't feel pressured and they did not come at me like the some slimy salespeople. I read the other review here also, but I can only speak for myself and that this is definitely a place I would recommend.

  • Name : Hyundai Customer - Survey
    Commerce CA

    This was by far one of the most pleasant car buying experiences i have ever had. The salesman Will was very attentive, efficient and answered all of my questions. Even the sales manager Ty took the time to come speak with me and help make my transaction easy and smooth. The finance manager Arnold was super knowledgeable and had my paperwork done in record time. I generally hate all the whole car buying process and i never fill out surveys cause what i usually​ have to say is unkind. I felt compelled to return this survey because I can honestly say i have never had such a great experience from start to finish. I will deifinately be recommending this dealership to my friends and clients. Thanks

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